Hey guys, I’m almost done with this image, just wanted to ask you guys to see if the perspective is okay for this image, If you see something weird going on in the image please let me know in a constructive way, I appreciate it  :)

and you don't lack for places to get lost.


"The only thing on this planet that isn’t silver are the Turians. It’s all too clear they’re made of steel." - Jon Grissom


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I think Garrus is really really attractive, and I have spent so much time staring at his face, that now I can look at a random turian in game, and see the differences in fringe length and mandible size. I know all of my friends think I’m weird so I try to hide it… but Garrus is like the perfect guy in everyway


you’ll never be alone



The Hobbit - DRRR!! Parody that I finally finished last night.  This was a very, very large picture, you have to realize. A 6 x 53 inch canvas, and I’ve never worked that long before.

You can take a look at the animation here.

DRRR! + Hobbit = Pure awesomeness.


My thought process while drawing a flashback montage page in Fox & Willow

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